Black Ice CülCan CoolTherapy Message

  • Drug-Free therapy for planter fasciitis
  • 57ºF Temperature Output
  • Massage + CoolTherapy = quicker recovery
  • Eliminates frostbite, ice burn
  • Comforting therapy targets your pain
  • Focusused cosmetic CoolTherapy

The Black Ice CülCan: Comfortable And 
Effective Therapy For Plantar Fasciitis

Drug-Free Relief with
Black Ice CoolTherapy

A revolutionary leap beyond ice and gels, the Black Ice CülCan provides all the therapeutic benefits of traditional ice massage without dragging along prehistoric problems like painful ice burn, timed application and the ever-present threat of frostbite. Just charge the CülCan in a freezer, fridge or ice water, and effective relief will be ready when you need it.

Ice Massage–
Without The Ice!

When you suffer from plantar fasciitis, your foot is particularly sensitive. So, why increase your pain by massaging with ice? It’s just too cold! With a safely regulated output of 57°F, the Black Ice CülCan delivers safe CoolTherapy massage, but at a temperature so safe, effective and comfortably soothing, you’ll actually look forward to using it.

Plantar Fasciitis? Cool!

Sure, the Black Ice CülCan delivers regulated CoolTherapy, but thanks to its patent pending aluminum structure, it also provides a very effective platform for delivering comforting massage therapy.* The CülCan is the perfect length and diameter to roll under your foot, massaging your injury while delivering effective CoolTherapy.
*If charging in the freezer, remember to let the CülCan thaw for at least 5 minutes before use.

When it comes to safe and effective therapy, ice and gels are just too cold. Using these products for more than 20 minutes at a time can cause vasoconstriction, possibly frostbite and even permanent soft tissue damage. With a regulated 52°F output, Black Ice holds tissue temperature within the optimum cryotherapy range for safe, comfortable and effective therapy. See pdf for full story.

Focused Cosmetic CoolTherapy

Puffy eyes and inflammed blemishes can be
annoying and uncomfortable, but trying to
get relief with ice is messy and painful. Using
the CülCan is much more comfortable,
effective and convenient. After charging,
use the curved surface of the CülCan body
to reach areas around the nose and eyes. For
more focused CoolTherapy, place the flat end
of the CülCan against the affected area.* In no
time at all, you’ll see why ice is ancient history.
*If charging in the freezer, remember to let the CülCan thaw
for at least 5 minutes before use.

Care and storage: Clean your CülCan after each use by washing it with a grease-cutting dishwashing liquid. Towel or air dry. Store your CülCan in your refrigerator so it’s ready whenever you need it. 

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