The Black Ice CCX Personal Cooling System: It’s Hot. Be Cool.

The Black Ice Cool Collar CCX-S Personal Cooling System–When it comes to fighting off the heat and humidity, nothing’s cooler.
The Black Ice Cool Collar CCX Personal Cooling System is a Patented, lightweight two-piece personal cooling system that fits comfortably around the neck. With cool advantages like regulated 57°F neck cooling, 20 minute recharging, lightning-fast pack swapping and up to 1.5 hours of cooling duration per recharge, it’s easy to see why customers are throwing out their cooling bandanas and other personal cooling contraptions–they’ve finally found a personal cooling system that really works.

What makes the Black Ice Cool Collar CCX so much
better than those other personal cooling products?

  • Ergonomic shape was designed from the ground up for extreme comfort
  • Unique, Patented technology
  • Packs swap out in seconds
  • Temperature output unaffected by ambient temp or humidity level
  • Lightweight and compact structure (barely 8 oz.)
  • Simple to use: Charge pack, attach to wrap, place wrap around neck
  • Regulated 57°F cooling means refreshing comfort with no ice burn or frostbite
  • Up to 1.5 hours of cooling duration per charge
  • 20 minute recharge in ice water
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort during even rigorous activity
  • Designed with racing helmets in mind–automobile, motorcycle, bicycle
  • Convenient to use and easy to care for
  • Dependable 24/7 cooling with two cool packs and a cooler of ice water

The Black Ice Cool Collar CCX comes in three configurations– the single-pack Cool Collar CCX-K Personal Cooling Kit, the twin-pack Cool Collar CCX-S Personal Cooling System, and the MaxSys Turn-Key Personal Cooling System (includes a twin-pack CCX-S and UC1 UltraCooler).

The Black Ice Cool Collar CCX-K Personal Cooling Kit
Designed for those customers that may not need long-term cooling capability, the Cool Collar CCX-K single pack kit offers the same 57°F regulated cooling as the CCX-S Personal Cooling System at a price that won’t melt a hole in your pocketbook. And if you later find that you really could use that extra CPX Personal Cooling Pack for those longer outings, you can always purchase spares separately. The CCX-K comes in your choice of seven colors.

Black Ice Cool Collar CCX-S Personal Cooling System
This twin-pack personal cooling system fits comfortably around the neck, and it’s designed for those customers subjected to heat for long periods of time. Whether you’re working out in the yard, working on-site, playing golf or tennis or just watching the kids play ball, the Cool Collar CCX-S Personal Cooling System gives you the cool advantage of having that spare CPX Personal Cooling Pack always at the ready in your cooler of ice water. Even on the hottest, most humid of days, it takes only 20 minutes to recharge the Black Ice CPX, so that means you can CoolSwap your packs for as long as the day is hot. The CCX-S comes in your choice of seven colors.

And with the cool, refreshing comfort the Cool Collar CCX offers, it’s reassuring to know that no matter how long you wear it, the regulated 57°F output of Black Ice will allow you to forget the problems that come along with ice-based or evaporative personal cooling products. With the Cool Collar CCX around your neck, all you’ll feel is cool relief–not the slimy feel of a soggy bandana, and certainly not the too-cold-for-comfort harshness of ice or frozen gel. The CCX-S comes in your choice of seven colors.

The Black Ice MaxSys Turn-Key Personal Cooling System
The Black Ice MaxSys was developed for customers looking for the ultimate personal cooling system. The MaxSys includes one Black Ice CCX-S Personal Cooling System in your choice of seven colors, but what really makes it special is the Black Ice UltraCooler. We’ve packaged these two products to give you a simple, but very effective “just add ice water” personal cooling solution. The UltraCooler is the best soft-sided cooler on the market, and, packed properly with ice water, it will give you hours and hours of uninterrupted personal cooling by allowing you to simply swap your cooling packs over and over.

What Makes Black Ice A Better Personal Cooling Solution?
Bandanas are not very effective personal cooling products because they work on the process of evaporation. So, when the humidity level begins to rise, bananas and other evaporative products simply stop working.

Why not a cool vest?
Although cool vests may work in a few special circumstances, they have several drawbacks. Most work on the same principle as the cooling bandana, which means they won’t work in high humidity. In most cases, cooling vests are cumbersome–They’re usually heavy, or uncomfortably binding, and that restricts your movement. Cooling vests are generally worn on the outside of clothing. That presents a couple of issues, the most obvious being that the cooling they do deliver must penetrate clothing to offer any relief. That greatly reduces effectiveness. Vests that have removable packs present an additional problem–replacing packs. Generally, these vests must be removed before the packs can be replaced–which is obviously very inconvenient. Storage is also an issue. Unlike the simple, lightweight and compact design of the Cool Collar CCX, cool vests are large and bulky, so they are difficult to store, and the cooling packs they use take up a lot of room in your freezer.

By designing the Cool Collar CCX to be worn on the neck, Black Ice has eliminated many of the drawbacks associated with other personal cooling products, while concentrating safe and refreshing cooling on the back of the neck–an area long known to be an effective heat exchange location on the human body. We all know how refreshing it feels to put something as simple as a damp towel on the back of our neck. The cool feeling just seems to wash down your neck, invigorating your entire body in a matter of seconds. It doesn’t hurt that the towel also blocks the rays of the sun from your neck. The only problem is that a cool damp towel takes just a few minutes to turn into a warm soggy towel when you’re out in the 90°F heat. Of course, you could keep dipping the towel in cold water–a basic principle behind all evaporative personal products–but the excess water dripping down your neck, and the constant repetition required to keep the towel cold, becomes annoying very quickly.

By creating a personal cooling product that takes better advantage of the way our neck radiates heat, Black Ice is a more efficient and much more effective personal cooling product. Instead of constantly dipping a towel in cold water, you simply attach a charged CPX Personal Cooling Pack to the exclusive CoolSwap wrap and place the CCX on your neck. The instant you put the Cool Collar CCX on your neck, a wave of cool relief will wash through your body–only this time, it will last up to 1.5 hours (depending on ambient temperature and user activity level). Thanks to the safely regulated 57°F output of Black Ice, you can continue to wear the Cool Collar CCX just as long as you need to–all you have to do is CoolSwap your packs. This method of cooling will produce a continuous supply of cool, refreshing relief on your neck for as long as you need it–all you have to do is supply the ice water. What could be simpler?

With all of the advantages Black Ice offers over other personal cooling products like bandanas, cooling vests and electrical contraptions, it’s no wonder the U.S. Patent office has granted the Cool Collar CCX a patent. Refreshing, 57°F cooling for your neck, quick and convenient 20 minute recharge time, up to 1.5 hours of continuous cooling, lightning-fast pack swapping, and a very high level of comfort–even while you’re engaged in the most rigorous physical activity–No other personal cooling product offers so much value in such a lightweight, compact and affordable package.

If you’ve been disappointed with other personal cooling products, we urge you to try the Black Ice Cool Collar CCX. On a hot, humid day, you won’t find a cooler product.