Black Ice MS2 Personal Cooling System

  • New MS2 12-Pack Cooler
  • Neck wrap + 2 cooling packs
  • 57ºF Temperature Output
  • Up to 90 minutes of cooling
  • 20 minute recharge in ice water
  • 24/7 cooling using your cooler
  • Optional CülCans (1 or 2) MaxSys+ Pro

Black Ice MaxSys+ and MaxSys+ Pro: Twin Cooling Packs + UltraCooler
Uninterrupted Relief From Heat, Humidity

Need 24/7 Personal
Cooling? Just Add Ice Water.

Looking for a personal cooling solution that can go the
distance? The MaxSys MS1 is the answer. By combining
the cooling power of the twin-pack CCX-S Personal
Cooling System and the insulating power of the UC1
UltraCooler, Black Ice has created the first true turn-key
24/7 personal cooling system—Just add ice water.

CoolSwap™ Wrap

Ergonomically designed for extreme comfort during even
the most rigorous activity, this soft and flexible neoprene
wrap keeps the cooling element in place—whether you’re
driving for the green or watching the kids play soccer.

MaxSys MS1 includes two CPX Personal Cooling Packs

Black Ice CPX Personal Cooling Packs produce a regulated output of 57°F for up to 1.5 hours per 20 minute recharge. Need non-stop cooling? MaxSys has you covered. Just keep your spare cooling pack in your UltraCooler filled with ice water, and you’ll be ready to swap out packs as soon as you need to.

UltraCooler UC2 12-pack included 

The UC2 may be best soft-sided cooler on the market.
Constructed of tough, premium-grade materials, it’s
leak-proof when kept upright, and it’s the perfect
solution for recharging Black Ice whether you’re on
the job or on the go.

Going The Distance

Soggy bandanas and electrical contraptions use evaporation for cooling, so they only last a short timeeven on the best of days. Even worse, they don’t work at all in high humidity. Black Ice is unaffected by humidity. It gives you refreshing 57°F cooling for up to 1.5 hours per chargeno matter the weather.

Quick Recharging = 24/7 Cooling

Black Ice recharges in a freezer or fridge, but witha quick 20 min. recharge, the MaxSys gives you access to turn-key 24/7 cooling. Just store your spare pack in the UltraCooler filled with ice water and swap out when needed.

Cool Features=Cool Product

Bandanas provide very little tangible cooling, and electric
contraptions offer even less. Based on MAT (Molecular Alloy
Technology), Black Ice delivers a constant, regulated output
of 57°F— a comfortable temperature that’s refeshingly cool.

A very cool product.

The Black Ice CülCan is a unique tool for fighting high heat
and humidity. Designed to produce a 57ºF temperature
output for up to 60 minutes, the patent-pending CülCan is
compact, portable, comfortable to hold, and it’s very effective.

Choose your color and neck size


MaxSys+ Pro


Replacement pack

Replacement wrap

CülCan cooling system

Add cooler if you want to be cool on the road

Neck extender available in for adults and children