The Black Ice CülCan palm cooler cools you down by drawing heat from your hands. Just charge the CülCan in ice water and hold it in your hand to get immediate cool relief on even the hottest day.


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The Black Ice CülCan: The Very Latest in Effective Personal Cooling Technology

There’s no doubt that rubbing our hands together on a cold day helps us feel more comfortable. That’s because we lose a great deal of heat through our palms, and rubbing our hands together generates heat our palms absorb to warm us.

Our palms shed heat in the summer too, and that’s good because it helps keep us cooler. But when it gets really hot, or when we’re active, our palms can’t shed heat fast enough. That allows heat to build up, making us uncomfortable.

The Black Ice CülCan is a unique personal cooling system that takes advantage of our palm’s natural cooling ability by making it more efficient in shedding heat–even on the hottest, most humid of days. Simply hold the charged CülCan in your hand, and this unique anodized aluminum cylinder will produce a safe and comfortable 57ºF output, quickly drawing excess heat from your palm, reducing the overall heat load on your body and helping you keep your cool.

But is palm cooling really even a thing? Yes, it is. Several scientific studies confirm how palm cooling can have a positive effect upon the human body. Here are some quotes from three examples:

Enhancing Thermal Exchange in Humans and Practical Applications


. . . Experiments on palm heat extraction from subjects engaged in high levels of large dynamic muscle exercise led to the very interesting observation that muscle fatigue may be largely due to the rise in the temperature of the muscle.2 The work capacity of muscles was greatly enhanced by palm cooling, and when this benefit was applied to strength-conditioning regimes, the rates of gain were dramatic, exceeding what has been observed through the use of anabolic steroids.2,11

Human thermal exchanges have been studied and modeled for more than 50 years without consideration of the special adaptations of the glabrous skin (hairless, ie. palm) for heat loss

The Skin’s Role In Human Thermoregulation and Comfort From Thermal and Moisture Transport in Fibrous Materials

E. ARENS and H. ZHANG, University of California, Berkeley, USA

The hand is probably the most active body part in responding to the body’s thermoregulation requirements.

Effect Of hand Cooling On Body Temperature, Cardiovascular And Perceptual Responses During Recumbent Cycling In A Hot Environment

A. RUDDOCK, G. TEW, and A. PURVIS, Sheffield Hallam University

In this study, we demonstrated that hand cooling during exercise had several practically beneficial effects. These included an attenuated rise in body temperature, reduced cardiorespiratory demands and improved thermal perception.

So, studies confirm that palm cooling really works. But, as noted in the Heller/Gahn paper, studies also show real-world problems with current palm cooling products: None are both effective and convenient to use.

The Black Ice CülCan was created to address this oversight, and it does so by utilizing design elements that solve the thermodynamic and ergonomic problems plaguing current palm cooling products:

1. Tough anodized aluminum body provides maximum thermal transfer

2. Regulated 57ºF output helps cool you down quickly and safely

3. Cools for up to 60 minutes

4. Recharges in about 70 minutes in ice water

5. No batteries, tubes or power cords

6. Portable and lightweight (5” long, 2” diameter, 9.5oz.)


The Black Ice CülCan is a unique tool for fighting high heat and humidity. Designed to produce a 57ºF temperature output for up to 60 minutes, the patent-pending CülCan is compact, portable, comfortable to hold, and it’s very effective, which, at a retail price of $39.95, might make it the best personal cooling system available anywhere.

Care and storage: Clean your CülCan after each use by washing it with a grease-cutting dishwashing liquid. Towel or air dry. Store your CülCan in your refrigerator so it’s ready whenever you need it. 

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